Or: You gotta keep walking.

Last week, I went for a run every morning, same distance, same route. On the first day, the ground was dry, a fairly average run on the gravel paths, the grass and soil on the route I had chosen. It started raining later that day…

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Over the next few weeks, all of us will spend a lot of time online — and that can be dangerous, too. Remember this other virus, the “computervirus”?

If you are an employer who sent their teams into home office and had one week to digitalise the whole organization: Have…

Photo by Greg Rakozy

No idea’s original, there’s nothing new under the sun
It’s never what you do, but how it’s done

I write about a lot of stuff and I assume I know next to nothing about any of it. Sometimes I’ll add plenty of references and footnotes — when I have…

Photo by Ali Kazal

Yes, your “what”. You might have been told to “find your why” before. I like the idea, but I think it has gone too far. For too many, finding the WHY has turned into a paralysing, soul-crushing burden: “What is my why? What is my purpose?? What am I supposed…

image by Ian Schneider

I used to think that “being materialistic” is almost an insult. “Materialistic” is only an ignorant consumer, driven by a superficial preoccupation with things, empty on the inside. But in our digital age, I feel that being materialistic is now becoming a goal to strive towards.

We have a cultural…

Do you want to know what Bitcoin and all these cryptocurrencies are about?

Here are the 3+1 aspects that you need to know. The best thing is: You don’t even need to understand all of these aspects fully. As long as you are aware that one domain alone is not…

Photo by Su San Lee

Tales from the past

or: Thinking in blockchains #1

Do you still remember those days when millions of people, day after day, paid international invoices by receiving pdfs to their email accounts, copying or typing the info from that pdf into their online banking interface, having to look up the zip code of the bank branch the money was…

There are so many reasons to stop using WhatsApp and move to another service like Signal instead.

I could tell you about all the privacy issues with WhatsApp and Facebook. In case you missed it, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and is getting integrated more and more closely now so…

Björn Behn

Interested in all ways to understand this world. Looking for questions, not answers. Curious about the human and the digital. — bjornb@mailbox.org

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